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Sightseeing trips

Logo Grossglockner

The Grossglockner

The "Mountain"! Not only because it is the highest mountain of Austria. Even driving on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, you will see a spectacular scenery of the world: The Nationalpark Hohe Tauern with meadows, forests, alpine pastures, rocks and ice. Please take time and visit the Alpine Nature Exhibit, a museum at the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe.


Logo Nockalmstrasse

The Nockalm Road

The Nockberge mountains, also nicknamed Nocky MountainsTM, are another Nationalpark in Carinthia. You may not expect a spectacular difference in altitude, instead of you will find an unmistakable appearance of the round mountains (called Nock'n). Not only bikers have fun, driving on the 35km long gently winding road. Hikers find numerous well marked paths on both sides of the road.


Logo Weissensee

The Weissensee

The Weissensee at an altitude of 930m is the highest lake where you can swim in Austria. The "Weissensee-fleet" offers round-trips on summer, but you can also walk and hike around the sea. During the winter the sheet of ice will grow up to 50cm and the sea is the attraction for skaters.


Logo Casa delle Farfalle

Villacher Car and Radio Museum

This is a must, if you like to see the everyday cars from your grandparents or parents. No horsepower-bolide or dream car, but after war cars, scooters and motorbikes, which made the drivers mobile and happy. Over one hundred tube radios and many other items out of the ¨analog¨ time are on the second floor.

Farfalle - Schmetterlinge

Logo Minimundus


See more than 170 models of the world famous buildings, ships, trains, trucks and cars on one place of 26.000m². Most of the models are in a scale of 1:25 and made of the same materials as the original. You can hear more about the exhibition in the planetarium. A trip which will not only enjoy the children.


Logo Casa delle Farfalle

Casa delle Farfalle

Bordano is a fine place for all the friends of butterflies. It takes you one hour by car to our italian neightbour. In three glas houses you can get in close contact with a numerous number of different butterflies. In the exibition rooms you find more information about the species and their stages of development.

Farfalle - Schmetterlinge